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Below we detail the regulation, it can also be downloaded for reading through the following link:

This award is an award given by the World Zionist Organization's Department of Irgoon and Connection with Israelis in the Diaspora(the “Department”) in partnership with Local Zionist Federations. It is intended for those supporters of Israel and the Jewish community, who stand out for their extraordinary support of Israel, the Jewish community, the Jewish people, and the relations between Israel and their Country. 

To apply for the award, the Zionist Federation will do so only by completing the Registration Form found on the website, completing all the information required there in a timely manner.

Each Zionist Federation in each country may award only one Jerusalem Award per calendar year (Gregorian)

Each Zionist Federation must nominate at least two candidates for each year (exclusive), and will have the power to recommend one of them giving the relevant justifications. The "Department" may nominate additional relevant candidates, according to its opinion. 

The Department has created an Evaluation Committee (the Committee) for the Award for these purposes. This is the one who makes the decisions regarding the award. 

The Committee will consider the relevance of the contributions of the nominees for the award and in turn the expression of social diversity and equality-gender balance in the nominees. The Committee will be the one to make the final determination regarding the identity of the winners of the Jerusalem Award in each Country, taking into account the recommendations of the Federations. 


Prizes and certificates (if each is duly required) will be mailed from Jerusalem to the destination indicated. 

The Jerusalem Award must be awarded in public ceremonies, open to the community and society. The Zionist Federation must send audiovisual and/or visual materials about the event during or after its completion, and these will be published in the relevant media of the Department. Depending on the case, a live broadcast of the event is suggested. 

Zionist Federation nominations may be submitted in Hebrew, English or Spanish.

Nominations that do not meet the conditions as stated will not be evaluated. 

The Deadline for nomination of the candidates for 2022 is August 1, 2022. Nominations delivered out of time will not be received. 

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